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Long ago, in the land of Lemuria, stood nine castles and a great ruler reigned over them in peace and plenty. That great ruler inexplicably disappeared one day, leaving the castles and land unprotected.

The Dark Lord and his minions took advantage of this and conquered the nine Crystal Castles, spreading fear and allowing evil to roam free across the land.

Now, you are chosen by the Goddess Freyja to defeat the Dark Lord and reclaim all nine Crystal Castles under his dominion. You will need to muster your troops, strengthen your units, expand your territory, create alliances with fellow lords, and attack the Dark Lord’s Fortresses to reclaim Lemuria.

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Basic FAQ

Q: I cannot log-in to the game
If you are unable to log into the game please go over the following possible causes:
  1. Maintenance - Check the official website for any Server Maintenance announcements.
  2. Forgotten Password - You can retrieve your Mobage account password by tapping on the Forgot Password option on the log-in screen and follow the instructions.
  3. Technical issues associated with network connection issues, bugs, and others - If you are still unable to log into the game, please email us at and give us the following information.
  • World:
  • Name of character:
  • Name of the Device Used:
Q: Can I play this for free?
Yes, you can. There are no monthly fees or charges for playing the game. You can play as much as you want for free.
Q: Is it possible to play the game while listening to music on my device?
Yes it's possible to listen to music while playing the game; you'll need to turn down the game's background music to do so. Tap the 'Option' menu from the title screen. You can turn off the background music of the game by sliding the master volume control to the left.
Q: If I remove the app, what will happen to my data?
Once you register and log into the game using your Mobage account, your data is stored on the server, so when you delete the app, your data remains safe.
Q: Does Kingdom Corps have maintenance schedules?
Yes, there are. Information regarding emergency or scheduled maintenance is announced through the official website, through the in-game mail menu, through the Kingdom Corps Facebook page, and through Twitter.
Q: Is it possible to play with any device?
As of November, 2012, Kingdom Corps has been tested on Android devices running the following OS versions: Standard Android devices running on Android 2.2 and above. Kingdom Corps is performance-guaranteed on the following Apple devices: iOS 4.3 and above for the iPhone4/ iPhone4S/ iPhone 5/ iPad2/ the new iPad /iPad mini
Q: If I get stuck in-game or found a bug, what should I do?
Select "Help" from the in-game menu. Tap the "Inquiry" button on the upper right hand side of the page and from the inquiry form selection; choose the appropriate category to send us your inquiry.
Q: How do I end the game?
You can close the game safely by pressing the home button on your device. The game saves your progress automatically.
Q: Does the CP (Charge point) have an expiration date? Also, are unused CP (Charge Points) refundable?
CP, or Charge Points, do not have an expiration date and are non-refundable.
Q: How do I restart the App?
You may need to consult your specific device manual for restarting applications.

In Game FAQ

Q: How can I find a Dark Fortress?
You can find a Dark Fortress by tapping 'Map' and dragging your screen around the area. A Dark Fortress looks like a violet mini castle.
Q: How do you conquer a Dark Fortress?
To conquer a Dark Fortress, you need to conquer the territories adjacent to your castle and your conquered territories. Make your way to the Dark Fortress by occupying territories one after the other until you are close enough to a Dark Fortress. Conquering a Dark Fortress will not be easy so the help of guild members may be needed.
Q: How can I increase my Mana Production?
Mana production can be increased by building and upgrading Mana Trees or mana-producing facilities.
Q: How can I increase my Gold Production?
Gold production can be increased by building and upgrading Fields and other Gold producing structures.
Q: How can I increase my Population?
The population can be increased by upgrading your Castle and by building and upgrading Houses and Inns.
Q: How do I get more CP?
You receive 500 CP by completing the quest "Draw from the Lotto Lite 10 Times". You can also purchase CP through the Item Mall.
Q: How do I gain ATK (attack)?
ATK is gained by recruiting troops on your cards and by leveling up the card's skill.
Q: How do I level up the skill of a card?
You can level up the skill of a card by fusing it with another card that has a similar skill. To fuse cards, tap the [Fuse] icon.
Q: How can I conquer an enemy in my territory?
If an enemy attacks your territory and you don't have troops deployed in that territory, you won't be able to conquer your enemy. Deploying a unit to your territory is the only way to conquer enemies.
Q: How do I upgrade my buildings?
You can upgrade your building by tapping on them and choosing the 'LvUp' option. Upgrading selected facilities unlocks new buildings and allows you to upgrade your existing structures.
Q: How do I join or create a guild?
When you play Kingdom Corps for the first time, you automatically belong to a guild with you as the guild leader. You may also choose to join another existing guild by finding them through the 'Ranking' menu or by accepting guild suggestions when you log into the game.
Q: How do I get more people in my guild?
Each player may send invitations through email or through Facebook and Twitter. Connecting your account to social media outlets allows you to post your game activities on your profiles.
Q: How can I change my castle's name?
Players can change the castle name in the Profile menu. Tap on the name of the Castle. This will open the guild name for editing, so type in the new guild name. Select 'Change' to complete the renaming of the castle.
Q: Is there any way I can change the location of my castle?
Unfortunately, it will not be possible to change your castle's location.
Q: How to increase the deck cost limit?
The cost limit increases when you build and upgrade the Castle, Fort, Inn, and Barracks. Consider this when you raise the units' troop recruitment limit.
Q: How to gain Fame?
Fame can be obtained by completing selected quests and by building and upgrading a Goddess Statue in your territories. Fame is also given as reward when you conquer a dark lord fortress.
Q: How to recruit troops on my cards?
To recruit troops, go to the Deck menu and choose the card you want to recruit troops on. Tap the 'Recruit' button, assign the total number of troops you want to add and select 'Confirm'. Please note that the total number of troops you can recruit is limited by the mana you have.
Q: How to make back-ups/ reinforcements?
Players can back-up their owned territory by tapping on the tile and choosing 'Deploy'. Organize your unit and select 'Backup'. Deploying your unit as backup takes time depending on the tile's distance from your castle or fortress. During deployment, units used as Backup are marked as 'Backup' on your Deck.
Q: How can I withdraw the units I deployed as backup?
If you wish to withdraw your units on Backup, go to the Map menu. Go to the Unit icon, select your unit assigned to Backup and tap the 'Detail' button. Tap the 'Withdraw' button and confirm your withdrawal of stationed reinforcements. Your unit's return time will depend on the distance of the tile from to your castle or fortress.
Q: How to dispatch a unit to a land?
You can dispatch troops to a land when you go to the Map menu. Tap on any land tile adjacent to you and your guild members' territories, fort, and castles. Tap the 'Deploy' button, organize your unit and tap the 'Deploy' button again to trigger the action. Note: After a successful attack, 'Fame' points are expended to make the defeated land tile a part of your territory.
Q: How can I cancel an attack?
When a unit is deployed, the Action icon is shown on the Map screen. Tap the 'X' button on the Deploy Information window to cancel the attack.
Q: What does unit 'Returning' means?
Units marked as 'Returning' are units moving to the castle or fort the attacking Unit was deployed from. When the Unit wins, it takes the same amount of time to return as it took to reach the target destination. Note: If your cards are annihilated, your Unit will return instantly. If the defending side is not annihilated within 10 turns, your Unit loses that battle and will return with the same amount of time it did to reach the target destination.
Q: How long does it take for a card to replenish its HP after an unsuccessful attack?
HP refers to card's health. Diminished HP recovers after a period of time. Note: HP recovery time increases with the increase in Combat Power.
Q: How does the lottery system work?
You can draw cards from the lottery. Lotto Lite requires 100KP per draw, while Lotto Gold costs 300CP per draw. Note: Kingdom Corps offers 3 free Lotto Lite draws per day.
Q: How can I add a new skill to a card?
Each card can have a maximum of 3 skills. Additional skills can be gained by performing the Card Fusion function on the Deck menu. Note: Make sure the card has less than 3 skills before adding skills.
Q: Can I delete a card's skill?
Yes you can. Skills can be deleted by going to the card's details and tap the [Delete] button. Removing a skill consumes SP. Note: All additional skill/s can be removed except Skill 1.
Q: How to level up territory?
You can level up your territory by accessing that territory's information screen and tapping the "Level Up" button found on the lower left portion of the screen. Note: You need 2 Fame points in order to level up a territory. Normally it takes 02:00:00 to complete the process.
Q: Is there a specific time the Player's Ranking is updated?
Players' ranking in terms of Population, Attack and Defense is updated in one hour intervals.
Q: How to gain KP (Knight Points)?
KP (Knight Points) can be earned through attacking and completing quests. Normally these are given as rewards when you successfully deploy to a land, when you complete a dungeon exploration and when you successfully complete specific quests.
Q: How to gain SP (Service Points)?
SP (Service Points) can be obtained through quest rewards and selling cards.
Q: How can I get CP (Charge Points)?
CP (Charge Points) can be purchased via the item mall.
Q: I have purchased CP but they never came through. What can I do?
If you encounter any issues related to CP purchasing, you may send your queries via the Inquiry function located on the upper right side of the Help menu. Please select "Payment trouble" and fill out the required information on the form provided. Note: If your connection is interrupted while purchasing CP, the purchase can be completed if you login again in a place with a stable connection.
Q: How can I send my inquiries?
You can contact Kingdom Corps Support by tapping on the Help menu and tapping the 'Inquiry' button on the upper right hand side of the screen.
Q: Can I play multiple accounts on a single device?
Kingdom Corps supports only one account per device.
Q: Can I connect multiple devices to the same account?
You can play the game on multiple devices, but be sure to login using the same Mobage account on each device.


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